The Disney Cruise and the Funnel Cloud

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a long slide show of pictures from our recent Disney Cruise.

I’ll just bore you with a short one.

There was lots to love about the whole vacation.  Along with my folks, my brother and his family, we spent a week on the Disney Fantasy.  The ship was a glorious feat of five-star floating engineering.  There was tonnes of fun stuff to entertain the kids.


Mickey-shaped pool. Mickey-shaped waffles. You get the idea.

Life-sized Disney characters were lurking at every turn.


We had some cool ports of call in St. Thomas and Peurto Rico.

Farting around in St. Thomas


And on the beach in San Juan


But my favourite beach moment was this.  On the last day we stopped in at a private island – Castaway Cay.  Apparently Disney is  buying islands now.  We disembarked and settled in on the beach for a day of sun, sand and relaxation.

Note the dark clouds forming


The kids were playing happily.  We’d just tucked into our pre-lunch bucket of Coronas.  Then on the horizon my brother spotted this.


Strange swirly thing quickly approaching the beach. I believe that’s what the meteorologists call it.


We stood around for a few minutes looking at it.  Is that a funnel cloud? A few other people noticed it, but no-one seemed concerned.  Is it getting bigger?  It seemed to be heading straight for the beach.  We noted the dark clouds forming around us.  Are we in the eye of the storm and we don’t realize it? 

Listen, we’re Canadian.  We understand snow and cold; we don’t understand hurricanes and tornadoes.  How long do Floridians stand around on the beach watching a funnel cloud form before they start running?

My husband and brother had some hushed discussions.  Eventually, with a touch of panic in his voice, my brother announced it was time to pack up the kids and get back to the ship…and preferably find a small windowless room on the centre of middle deck with lots of canned goods.  We scrambled our stuff together, leaving the $40 worth of plastic buckets and pails we’d just purchased scattered on the beach, along with an ice bucket full of Coronas.  We started a fast march back.  As we marched, my sister-and-law and I did some quick second analysis.  Should we stay on land? What if the ship gets torn apart?  Who is the strongest swimmer? What did Helen Hunt do in Twister again?  We barked hurry-up orders to the kids while glancing back at the horizon.  No-one was following us.

I could see the headlines: Canadian Family Sole Survivors of Deadly Caribbean Storm.


Calm, cool and collected

As we boarded the ship, another passenger was heading off toward the beach.  The wind was whipping.  We breathlessly told him about the funnel cloud.

“I’d better tie up my hat then, ” he chuckled, tucking the strap of his sun hat under his chin.  Off he strolled into the wind.

We didn’t get that response.

“If you find a bucket of Coronas on the beach, help yourself…” we called after him.  Then we then scurried up the gang plank to safety.


Ok, so it just ended up raining alot that day.  But we were the first ones back to the ship.  And we were like the first ones in line for the lunch buffet that day.

I swear it was a funnel cloud forming.  Give us a break, we’re Canadian.

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