Feed the Human – the podcast!

I’m excited to announce that I’m co-hosting a new health and wellness podcast called Feed The Human!


Feed the Human is the brain child of my friend Sandy. She is a nutrition junkie, ancestral health enthusiast and soon-to-be Holistic Nutritionist. Feed the Human is where Sandy shares her passion, knowledge and ideas about nutrition and healthy eating and a range of information that will support her emerging nutritional consulting practice.

And because she is thoroughly modern, the Feed the Human Podcast is part of the process of information sharing. We’ll be having a long-form conversation about food, movement and the pursuit of wellness.

What’s my role in all this? I am the all-purpose side-kick and fitness junkie. Think Ed McMahon to her Johnny Carson. Or Paul Schaffer to her David Letterman (except with less piano). She, the learned nutrition philosopher and I, the slightly impatient sidekick who just wants to work-out and know what to eat.

Together, we are going behind the science, the sound-bites, the fads. We are two regular moms getting real about the joys and struggles of pursuing health in our busy lives, and working to help you become the best version of yourself. And we’re having fun in the process.

The first two podcasts are up. Check them out below. The Real Food Challenges have  begun (I will be blogging about how I fared on the challenges). And our first guest is coming soon!

Podcast 001 is here.

Podcast 002 is here.

(Note the optimistic numbering system)

We’ll be up on iTunes soon, for your downloading pleasure.

We are just getting going and figuring things out technically (so don’t mind the odd glitch and weird sounds). But, dammit, we will not let perfection be the enemy of good.  The conversation starts now.  And look…we have head phones. Just like Frasier and Roz.

Because we are serious social media moguls, we thought we’d better get some proper photos taken. That way, our photo on iTunes wouldn’t be one of Sandy’s family portraits with a selfie of me photo-shopped into the background. So off we went to Riverwood Photography where Sean worked his magic.  We wanted a photo that would show two people with different perspectives, but having fun. Connected,  but not always agreeing. A ying and yang vibe. Don’t judge me that all I could think of for inspiration was an old ABBA album cover, etched somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  Remember this one?

The photo shoot was great fun, and I think we go our iTunes shot.

Was the final picture ABBA-inspired or not?  You’ll have to wait and see!

One thought on “Feed the Human – the podcast!

  1. Sandy

    Cannot wait to do more podcasting with you. I am so blessed to have such an inspiring, hilarious and ‘fit’ friend. Thank you for being their for me.


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