Win New Workout Clothes from PURE NRG Athletics!

For me, one of the great joys in life is sport and fitness. Movement.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other joys. But I love the clarity of mind that comes with a good run. That moment when I reach the top of a hill on my bike and the road flattens out. I love it when my body delivers two more push-ups, even though my brain is screaming stop this nonsense. And I love the electricity in the air at a race…any race. This means, by the way, I weep a lot during the Olympics.  I mean, did you see the two sisters win Olympic skiing gold for Canada in Sochi on the weekend? My God, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it.

So, by proxy and because I spend a lot of time in them, I get an odd amount of pleasure from workout gear. Like tank tops with a long torso. Socks that don’t inch down in my shoes mid-run. Heart rate monitors. And such. Weird? Maybe. Or maybe not. Sometimes joy requires infrastructure.

So when Sears Canada contacted me to see if I’d like to try their new line of workout wear, Pure NRG Athletics, it was a very quick yes.



Uh, I don’t look this when I workout.

Sears Canada sent me three new outfits to try. THREE!

Right out of the box I was impressed. The gear had a great feel. The colours were fun. There is an interesting assortment of styles and lines.

Pure NRG Tank and the Motion Jegging

Pure NRG Tank and the Motion Jegging


Pure NRG T-shirt and Stride Pant

Pure NRG T-shirt and Stride Pant

Athleisure Jersey Knit Mock Neck Jacket and Karma Crop pants

Athleisure Jersey Knit Mock Neck Jacket and Karma Crop pants

And the gear feels great on. Most important for the pants, they have the wide comfort waist band. The full length pants (Stride Pants) were long enough for me, which is sometimes tough to find (I’m 5’10); I’d guess a 33 or 34 inch in-seam. The tank and t-shirt were nice and long – full torso coverage, people. And I love the zip-up mock neck jersey. It’s a medium-ish (technical term) weight, fitted, with good width across the shoulders and good arm length.

I was also impressed with the price tag. The price point on this stuff is fabulous. Getting away from the sometimes ridiculous cost of certain brands, this is awesome. Sears Canada is making great workout outfits (not pieces!) available for under $50. I love this.

The price is right. And I don't mean the game show. Not that you couldn't wear them on the game show. Should you be attending.

The price is right. And I don’t mean the game show. Not that you couldn’t wear them on the game show. Should you be attending.

Now this is the really exciting part. 

Sears Canada is giving three (THREE!) of my readers a $50 Sears Canada gift card. That’s a whole new PURE NRG Athletics outfit, people!

So if you’d like to enter to win a $50 Sears Canada gift card, leave a message below in the comment section of this blog, by midnight on Friday February 14th, and you’ll be entered into the draw!  In your message, tell me why you exercise, or do sports, or like to move…or want to move more.

I’ll randomly draw for the winners (THREE WINNERS! MY GOD, THREE! WHY AM I SHOUTING?!) on the morning of February 15th!  Then you can start your shopping spree, courtesy of Sears Canada!

(Only Canadian residents are eligible. Apologies to my wide, vast international audience).

So leave me a comment now.

Like right now. At the bottom of this page.

Seriously, do not leave this page without leaving a comment. Because why wouldn’t you?

And you could be giving  yourself a Valentine’s gift of a brand new PURE NRG Athletics outfit!  Who wouldn’t love that?

20 thoughts on “Win New Workout Clothes from PURE NRG Athletics!

  1. Kathy H

    Super cool Susan! I didn’t know they had workout stuff! I’m going to tell my sister to enter, since if I won, I’d give it to her, as she could use it more than me. PS, I’m still going to look into classes, so we both can have a kick arse workout, stay tuned!

  2. Sandy C

    Pick me, pick me. I need some motivation to get back to working out. Feeling good in a well fitting outfit goes a long way.

  3. Tamara P.

    So awesome!
    I’m thrilled to see this line. And WHAT ABOUT that gorgeous striped boatneck top!?
    Exercise and moving is important to me for more obvious reasons like my health, mental clarity and how I look and feel. But even more important now is setting an example for my kids. To make health, wellness and activity be a normal part of every day rather than a big deal or something to constantly chase.

  4. Robyn

    Huge fan. Great price point too. Love the black leggings… perfect for colder winter days, whether I’m working out or not! But let’s be honest… can’t wait for the fun and fresh colours of spring! 🙂

  5. Natasha

    I enjoy exercising because it makes me better able to deal with the ups and downs of life and ultimately makes me a better Mom, wife, employee…everything. Oh, and I have a ton of fun when I exercise too.

  6. angela m

    I exercise because it makes me feel good and helps being active so I can keep up with my kids


  7. Nicole

    These look great! I figure if I have a great workout outfit it will motivate me to work out more (or even a little!). Plus I would really like to get rid of my baby weight and get into shape now that I have 2 kids to run around after 🙂

  8. zahra premji

    I love the striped set in your photo above. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    I work out because I want to maintain a high level of fitness from when I am relatively young (30!) so I can reap the benefits when I am much older. It also makes you look good and feel good inside. So many benefits to working out, it is hard to pick just one. Happy Valentines day!!

  9. Sandra B

    Pick me! I’m trying to keep the Olympic dream alive…ok -in my head only but whatever keeps me running up the hills:)

  10. Mylene H

    It is always fantastic when you can get new gear that is high quality and reasonable!! Paying $80 for a sports bra just doesn’t seem appropriate! Thanks for the post, and I will keep my fingers crossed!!


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