What if

What if…?

Someone asked me today to think about “what if…”.

What’s my big “what if…”? The biggest or most important “what ifs…” ever. The ones that run circles around me. Dance and pop in my heart. That come back to me time and time again.

And I can’t think of one.

My brain won’t go there. It can’t translate he question.

And I’m trying to think of why.

“What if…” puts me in a place of longing. Of want. Of imagining. Of hoping.

And I don’t live there anymore.

I live here. In my amazing present.

At this kitchen table. With this creamy hot coffee. With my sleeping little family. In this house on the hill with a view of the ocean. With the complex work on my desk for the day, and the desire for to innovate and serve my clients today. With my fingers on this keyboard writing words. With the ideas and inspiration emerging today, today. In this moment.

“What if…”, it turns out, isn’t my business. It’s not my place.

Except to say, what if we dropped the question?

What if we dropped the longing for some future point in time? For outcomes we don’t fully control? Outcomes that will emerge when they are ready and all the other players we can’t see are aligned.That will take a different shape and path than we could ever have imagined.

What if we trusted that? And did the best work possible for the day. With all our energy focused on task. With a sense of faith and belief, while staying in tune with the doors opening and closing around us.

What if we trusted we are on the right track?


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