I am a writer, working mom, athlete, and defender of the universe (part-time).

I live in Victoria, British Columbia with my husband and two daughters (aged 10 and 7).

You can tell I’m Canadian by all the extra “u”s in my writing.  My favourite season is the fall.  My favourite colour is that sort of cranberry/burgundy shade; never quite sure what to call it. I don’t really like walks on the beach*; I always get a sunburn.  Uncomfortable around dogs.

I started this blog on January 1, 2010 as an experiment.  After a lifetime of thinking about writing but never really doing it, 2010 – the year I turned 40 – was the time to start.  This blog became my self-imposed writing tutorial.   A place to muse about finding a life in balance (well, sort of).  Turns out I am a writer after all.

I am so good at blogging I can insert a link to a previous post.  Check out my first post and my post reflecting on my first year of writing.  They will explain more about why I am doing this.

So thanks for checking in. All comments and related musings will be warmly welcomed.  All mean criticism will be ignored and deleted (and then obsessed about later).

You can contact me using the form below.

*white-hot, Caribbean-ish, beachy-beaches. But I like walking on cool, temperate, Canadian beaches. Or British or Irish or Norwegian beaches. I’ve never been to Norway. But I suspect I’d like their beaches.

4 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Radha

    I just read your comment on The Great Balancing Act about protein bars. Liked what you had to say. Clicked on your name and here I am.
    What a great way to get to 40. I am 62 and in the same boat as you. No children. No blog yet but thinking about it.
    I love the blogs written by people living life. I am looking forward. The food, fitness blogs are of interest to me now. So inspirational. I am now practicing hatha yoga again as my workout…foot injury stops me from high impact workouts.
    Just wanted to say hello and happy blogging.

  2. Our Life In 3D

    Yes protein bars are way a life. What’s your favorite? I have tried them all and a key to a Peter Pan type metabolism!

    I luv you blog Susan! You make me feel like sludge when I feel sorry for myself and how hectic my life can get and then I see people like you. No I WILL have to run tomorrow..not just talk about it!

    Great job keeping up with your busy life and staying balanced! ..and keeping our part of the universe safe!



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